Prices for building your Kentucky longrifle

Except for the Plain Rifle price, all prices are approximate. An exact quote will be given once I receive the specifications for the rifle you want me to build.

  • Plain Rifle - $2000

    Strait grain stock all brass hardware, nose cap, no patchbox,
    no brass or silver inlays, no carving or engraving.

Added cost to Plain Rifle price:

  • double set triggers - $150
  • rifle stock with good to constant curl - $400
  • browned hardware parts - $300
  • for swamped or tapered or octagon barrel - $300
  • patch box wood or metal - $400
  • incised or relief carving - $300 to $2000
  • engraving - $200 to $1000

Inlay prices will depend on how many you want.

Extremely ornate rifles of a custom design will be more, please check for estimates.

Shipping costs for rifles will be determined upon destination and insurance.

We accept checks and money orders. Please don't send cash. Because of the custom nature of my work, deposits and payments are not refundable.

All parts prices are subject to change as well as availability of parts from suppliers.

  • The Kentucky Longrifle Shop will not be held liable for injuries or death resulting from manufacturer defects of parts.
  • The Kenucky Longrifle Shop will not be held liable for misuse of our rifle or misloading resulting from injury or death.
  • We always stress safety through thorough instruction in correct loading procedures.
  • Safety precautions are essential before shooting a muzzleloader.
  • All rifles built here are test fired before leaving the shop.



Contact us about ordering your custom Kentucky Longrifle by e-mail